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EXPERIENCE the underwater world through immersive media and 360° videos.

How is the Water is the leading virtual reality experience combining innovative immersive entertainment and real-world conservation impacts.


Become a dolphin and experience the beauty and perils of the underwater world.

Deep emotional connection, education and real-world impact are the cornerstones of every experience we produce.

We create custom virtual reality experiences, 360⁰ videos, and immersive media tools both to bring our community closer to the ocean and to enhance the outreach capabilities of marine organizations. 



UNDERSTAND the connections and global importance of life in our ocean.



Due to the pandemic, it is unfortunately not possible to organize workshops.

We offer three XR workshop packages which can be tailored to your organization’s needs and goals.

Experience our immersive projects, learn about education, science communication and storytelling in XR and start your journey in the realm of extended realities and marine conservation.



Our immersive experiences provide access to the ocean, no matter where you are.

They make a fin-tastic addition to events and conferences, providing a moment of relaxation in a tropical coral reef, an escape to mysterious underwater landscapes, or the thrill of exploring the ocean as a dolphin.

Contact us to book our experiences for your event!



We pioneer in researching the use of immersive media as a tool for marine conservation, including education as well as field practices and training in our research projects.

Stay tuned for our Cyantifics page to be public soon!



ACT for protection and conservation of the marine environment.

Our projects are always created for the cause of marine conservation. We connect our immersive projects with real-world actions, thanks to our impact network of marine conservation organizations all around the world. 

This way, we ensure a direct, measurable impact of our work, as well as educating about the ocean and evoking empathy for marine life. 

Humans of the Ocean is a global creative community built around the stories of people whose hearts beat to protect the Ocean.


We connect your passions and powerful emotional experiences with other passionate people and marine organizations acting for ocean conservation and to make ocean advocacy more accessible.