The Cyan Planet family consists of an international team from 10 different countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Spain, USA). We might come from very different parts of the world and have different cultures, approaches and ideas - but we are all driven and connected by the one goal to make a change and stand for marine conservation!


Ninja Müller


Michal Lovecky


... it all started with a turtle!


Once, while freediving in the waters of Fernando de Noronha National Park in Brazil, Michal and Ninja discovered a green sea turtle which got stuck in a part of a ship wreck. They carefully pushed it out and it swam immediately to the water surface to breath. Even though it was just a one minute experience, it had a lifelong impact on them, making them realise that every little action can have an immediate influence on life or death of other living beings.

So, they joined forces to create Cyan Planet. Michal is VR creative technologist and owns a production studio for immersive media, Ninja is marine and environmental scientist. With this combination of immersive media production and marine science and conservation, Cyan Planet creates experiences to raise empathy, elicit conscious decisions and attract attention for the value of marine ecosystems.

Core Team

Marian Ludwig

Technical Director

Akbar Suriaganda

Technical Artist

Peter Benham

Head of Funding

Julia Jung

Head of Partnerships

Marie-Kell de Cannart

Head of Social Media

Tom Sanborn

Head of Impact

Development Team

Impact Team

Janosch Landvogt

Sabrina Krallmann

Rosa Maria Canedo Apolaya

María Dolores Castro Cadenas

Vinicius Marquet

Sarah Muser

Ieva Čaraitė



Faruq Suriaganda

Lukáš Tvrdoň

Giacomo Sardonini

Our Headquarters

Cyan Planet UG

München, Germany

Cyan Planet Foundation

Delaware, USA

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About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team of game developers and marine scientists that are united by one common passion - the ocean.


We want to play our part towards the development of a global society that is based on sustainability and takes both - human and environmental needs equally into account.

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