Michal Lovecky


Michal Lovecky is a creative XR technologist, founder, and CEO building an immersive media platform to elicit empathy and spark action for ocean protection. He has delivered over 60 immersive media projects, among others for example the first-ever 8K VR live streaming over a 5G network for Deutsche Telekom. He founded the first immersive media production studio in Prague, Czech Republic, and was awarded by Deloitte for high standards in innovation. Together with Ninja Mueller, he founded Cyan Planet – XR for Ocean Protection and is a creative director and producer of Cyan Planet’s immersive media projects.


Ninja Mueller


Ninja Mueller is a marine biologist and environmental scientist. She won the first prize for sustainability at the Dies Academicus 2015 in Lüneburg and worked in several marine conservation projects. She pioneered in researching the use of 360 ° video monitoring to assess the ecology of coral reefs. 

She is part of the board of the Kaleidoscope Femmes Future Grant and advocates for diversity and equality in the XR industry. 

In Cyan Planet, she works as COO, creative director and lead researcher.