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How is the Water

How is the Water is the leading virtual reality experience combining innovative immersive entertainment and real-world conservation impacts. Become a dolphin and experience the beauty and perils of the underwater world. 

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Enter a marine sponge virtually and enjoy the comfort of its cells to network, relax, and get inspired. SpongeSpace is a virtual blue space, benefiting mental health, and psycho-social well being.

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Amigo sa mga Iho

On Malapascua, thresher sharks share a special bond with the community. Meet the threshers face-to-face and join volunteers working with a locally-based organization to understand and protect these unique sharks.

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Sea with Sounds

Merge your senses and explore the ocean through sound in our audio-focused VR experience. Join a lost pilot whale calf on its search to find its family and discover the music of the ocean. 

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Coral City

Cyan Planet is teaming up with Reef Life Foundation to create the world's first coral city building video game! We are developing a web-based game and app that will allow patrons to build an ocean oasis for coral reef species. Funds generated from the game will deploy a REAL LIFE model of the city out of IntelliReefs nanotechnology to house the ocean’s homeless.

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One day as a researcher

Interactive VR experience which educates and informs about the work that scientists undertake to add pieces to the big puzzle of understanding the marine ecosystem and contributing to its most efficient and effective protection.

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Seychelles Coral Reef Restoration

Take a dive underwater and discover the Seychelles’ amazing coral reefs and wildlife. Catch a glimpse of the troubles these ecosystems are facing and what is done to save them.

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