Enter a marine sponge virtually and enjoy the comfort of its cells to network, relax, and get inspired. SpongeSpace is a virtual blue space, benefiting mental health, and psycho-social well being.

SpongeSpace is a virtual space created with Mozilla Hubs that runs on computer and VR devices

You need a stable internet connection to enter SpongeSpace, it works best if you use Mozilla as a browser.

SpongeSpace was created by Cyan Planet in collaboration with Anna Pavelková within the "Dream your Virtual Spaces" competition from XR Hub Bavaria.

More information about XR Hub Bavaria here.

If you want to host your own event in SpongeSpace and you'd like to have some adjustments, just contact us - we are happy to talk about your ideas and see how we can implement them!


Conferences - Workshops - Networking

SpongeSpace provides a safe, comfortable and stimulating space to work, learn and connect.

Upon entering SpongeSpace, you arrive in the round center of the sponge that can be used for events, conferences, and exhibitions. From this central space, there is a spiral staircase along the inner wall of the sponge leading to smaller rooms nestled into the sponge’s wall for meetings or workgroups that can provide a cozy and private atmosphere suitable for deep work.

Marine Conservation Hub

In the highest levels of SpongeSpace, multiple rooms invite you to take a stroll through a range of inspirational marine conservation work.


Beautiful ocean photography and scientific projects that you can take part in, as well as 360° video cinemas can be explored in your own pace in the Marine Conservation Hub. Additionally, a whole room is dedicated to temporary virtual exhibitions of marine conservation projects from all around the world.


Marine Sponges


Heroes of the sea 

Sponges look like plants attached to the seafloor, but in fact they are very special animals. They are not able to move and don't have muscles to flee from turtles who love to feed on sponges.


But they are far from being a passive organism in the reef society. Millions of minuscule holes in the tissue allow water to flow through, and the sponge recycles organic carbon that is inedible to most of the other organisms in the reef.


Additionally, they shed cells every day, providing the reef with nutrients, and have been a shelter for other marine creatures for 500
million years.

Anna Pavelková


The Architect

Blue Spaces


A source of wellbeing

Exposure to aquatic environments or “Blue spaces” such as the coast, lakes or rivers has been associated with improved mental and physical health and well-being.


A 2013 study by MacKerron and Mourato, for example, found self-reported happiness from participants was highest in marine and coastal areas. Systematic reviews, such as by Gascon et al. (2017) or White et al. (2020), also highlight the potential of blue spaces to help people relax and de-stress.


This might be because exposure to water stimulates mindfulness, being present in the moment and can draw us away from rumination or negative thoughts.



Current Exhibition:


Experience an acoustic exhibiton and dive into the mysterious world of whale communication, noise pollution and the music of the sea.


SpongeSpace at Medientage München 2020

We are happy that we can bring the ocean even to the Media days in Munich. SpongeSpace is one of the chosen virtual spaces to be showcased in the XR section 2020!

Winner at "Dream your Virtual Spaces" competition

SpongeSpace was selected in April 2020 by XR Hub Bavaria as one of the winning projects from the "Dream your Virtual Spaces" competition. Thanks to this, we could start creating our first own virtual blue space.

ICYMARE 2020 goes virtual

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the annual ICYMARE conference could not take place in its usual format. SpongeSpace was part of the virtual meeting places to network, relax and feel a bit closer to the ocean in these difficult times.




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