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Sea with Sounds

Merge your senses and explore the ocean through sound in our audio-focused VR experience. Join a lost pilot whale calf on its search to find its family and discover the music of the ocean. The renowned violinist Marie-Kell de Cannart d'Hamale composed a unique mix of instrumental music and whale calls, focusing on the connection of living beings through music as our common way of expressions.


“We must learn to hear the ocean's music, so as not to play our human part too loudly”

- David Rothenberg

Sea with Sounds is an audio-focused interactive animated VR experience telling the story of a pilot whale calf searching for its mother. Experience the extraordinary beauty and the importance of sounds underwater for marine animals by diving into their world and therethrough diving into their sounds. 

Whales use hearing like humans use their vision. In Sea with Sounds, your hearing and your vision merge and enable you to perceive the ocean in a new and fascinating light.

Sea with Sounds includes beautiful violin melodies mixed with whale vocalizations composed by Marie-Kell de Cannart d’Hamale. She studied violin at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and is very pleased to contribute to this project and join her passions for the marine environment and music.

Her unique compositions unravel the closeness of natural ocean sounds and human-made music and make us aware again how connected we are to the ocean.


Ocean Sounds is dedicated to giving a voice to whales and dolphins, studying their vocal and social behavior and monitoring human impacts. They believe that scientific research results should be accessible to the public and they have come up with multiple creative ways to bridge the gap between the complicated research results and the interest of people by working with artists.

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