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Coral City Video Game


The world's first coral restoration video game - with a real-life underwater model!

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Coral City Game Concept

Cyan Planet is teaming up with Reef Life Foundation to create the world's first coral city building video game! We are developing a web-based game and app that will allow patrons to build an ocean oasis for coral reef species. Funds generated from the game will deploy a REAL LIFE model of the city out of IntelliReefs nanotechnology to house the ocean’s homeless.

Build homes for the Ocean's Homeless!

Donations made on this site through the donation widget are made on behalf of Reef Life Foundation.

Reef Life Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 81-3695216).

Contact: Emily Higgins

Director of Science & Communication

Funds generated here will go directly to the development and launch of the Coral City video game by Reef Life and Cyan Planet. All proceeds generated by the game itself will translate into the underwater deployment by Reef Life Foundation of a real life model of the cityscape created in the video game. Ongoing revenue from the game will also partially fund the ongoing documentation and monitoring of the new IntelliReefs artificial coral reef.

Together, we will live-stream activity on the real life coral city once it is underwater, allowing for game users and the public to watch the coral gardens as they grow and integrate into the surrounding ecosystem.



Reef Life Foundation and Cyan Planet are developing a master plan that enables patrons to have a direct impact in reef restoration. We are accomplishing this through a web-based game and app that allows for you, the player, to direct restoration efforts and deploy IntelliReefs restoration structures in the real world. 


Cyan Planet will be developing the web-based game and app and concurrently Reef Life will be designing the structure and implementing the real world deployment of coral restoration habitats.

Reef Life developed an unprecedented coral reef restoration system called IntelliReefs that fosters new coral growth, increases fish abundance & enhances biodiversity. This artificial reef acts as an enhanced substrate, specifically engineered to promote the rapid growth of marine biodiversity to build back healthy coral reefs.


Emily Higgins

Ocean Science Consultant

Guyon Brenna crop 2 8 1 2020.jpg

Guyon Brenna

IntelliReefs' Lead Design Consultant

MSB Sundance TV B.jpg

Melody Brenna

Executive Producer


Michal Lovecky

Producer & Creative Director



The ocean is currently experiencing a housing crisis.

Decades of degradation on coral reefs have eroded them so much that they have been “flattened”. This means that 3D habitat built by corals has disappeared, along with space for animal homes. Our collaborative venture with Reef Life will allow individuals and groups of players to build habitat-enhancing condos on our digital platform.

Every year, Reef Life Foundation teams will deploy a real life city-scape based on the underwater world our players have created. This new underwater real estate will be made from biomimicking IntelliReefs to enhance biodiversity, supply much needed food and shelter for vulnerable marine animals, and attract wild coral spawn.

We will also live-stream activity on the real life coral city once it is underwater, allowing for game users and the public to watch the coral gardens as they grow and integrate into the surrounding ecosystem.

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