Our mission is to produce immersive media that evokes empathy for our oceans using the power of virtual reality, to educate about the science of marine ecosystems, and to spark action in support of marine conservation. 


Marine Conservation

Science Communication


the underwater world through immersive media and 360 videos.


the connections and global importance of life in our oceans.


for protection and conservation of the marine environment.



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Do you wonder what Virtual Reality (VR) is?

One could say that you have to experience it for yourself to fully understand, but lets try...

If you have never heard of Virtual Reality:

Imagine it almost like a movie that is not happening on a screen in front of you but everywhere around you.  And, unlike a movie, you can choose with your actions, how the story develops, you can choose where you want to go to and how you want to interact with everything around. It is like real life - just that it is not real. So, you can do and experience anything you want. You can visit places and do things that would not be possible in real life, like flying like an eagle, travel to Mars or lift huge boulders with your bare hands...

A bit more sophisticated definition:

Virtual reality is a technology that lets you experience anything, anywhere at anytime. It convinces the human brain that it is somewhere, doing something that it is not doing in reality to an extend that is able to trigger physiological responses and "rewire" our brain. Virtual reality aims to achieve full immersion - the state when our sensory experience feels so real that we forget that everything around us is an artificial-virtual world and we start to interact with it as it would be a real world.

At this moment different hardware (goggles, headsets, helmets with screens and headphones, gloves with sensors) is used to achieve full immersion and to create virtual reality around us. 


All this makes the Virtual Reality technology an incredibly powerful tool that can deeply impact us. 

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About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team of game developers and marine scientists that are united by one common passion - the ocean.


We want to play our part towards the development of a global society that is based on sustainability and takes both - human and environmental needs equally into account.

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