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Talking with Studio36 Berlin about Climate Change and Marine Conservation

Studio36 introduces people who help shape our world in a positive way. Whether topics such as green technologies, social projects or alternative social models - once a month our founder and managing director Nike Wessel speaks to courageous visionaries, creatives and nonconformists in Studio36 and embarks on a journey into a better future with them.

We are excited that our co-founder Ninja Mueller was invited to talk about climate change, marine conservation, and how to use VR to combat these challenges. Going into detail about today's anthropogenic threats for the ocean and the experiences Nike and Ninja have made throughout the last years, they went together on a journey to find out how to make a change for the environment.

Click here to listen in on Spotify, or here to listen in on Apple Podcast. The language is German.

To learn more about Studio36 and their amazing work, which goes far beyond podcasts only, take a look at their website and get inspired!


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