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Proud to announce our collaboration with Marine Connection

Cyan Planet has teamed up with Marine Connection to spread the word about How is the Water

By using the power of virtual reality, 360° video and immersive media tools, How is the Water is a story of our ocean seen through the eyes of a dolphin, taking people on an adventure that will take them across a changing ocean. You become the dolphin in this virtual game, allowing you to explore the beauty of the ocean but also bringing you face to face with the very real impacts that cetaceans are in danger from in their daily life; including deadly fishing gear and plastic pollution. How is the Water is an interactive experience about our emotional connection with the ocean – a reality game that will help inspire change.

Michal Lovecky, Co-Founder and CEO of Cyan Planet said “Our passion lies in helping protect the wellbeing of marine wildlife and enabling people to reconnect with the ocean. Virtual reality and other immersive applications are incredible media to elicit empathy, they are a powerful tool for marine conservation, and Cyan Planet is committed to finding ways to turn that empathy into real-world impacts. This is the inspiration for our VR project ‘How is the Water’ and the reason why we partner with Marine Connection to help us ensure that our experiences impact not just the players but also the ocean by linking it to real-world whale and dolphin conservation projects. We’re thrilled to be working with Marine Connection, and we can’t wait to collaborate on projects that make a difference!”

Marine Connection Director & Co-Founder Margaux Dodds added “As our organisation works to end the keeping of cetaceans in captivity, education is a vital key to raising public awareness to the impacts this has on free-ranging mammals such as dolphins and whales. Virtual tools are an excellent way for people to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our oceans and inhabitants which is why we are delighted to support the ‘How is the Water’ project. This gives people the ability to experience the wonders of our oceans and seas through the eyes of a dolphin, the importance of relationships within their pods, how they live and socialise and threats they face in today’s world. Partnering with Cyan Planet will support and promote our ongoing work to protect the welfare of all cetaceans and help achieve our goal of inspiring the global community to help create a better, safer world where the life of every whale, dolphin and porpoise matters.”

We are excited to join our forces and passion for the ocean, to make an effort for marine conservation!



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