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One day as a researcher

How do you do as a marine scientist? Look through the eyes of a researcher in the Montenegro Dolphin Research and try yourself in different scientific tasks. One day as a researcher is an interactive VR experience to train scientific skills and give an exclusive insight in the work of researchers in marine conservation.


Ocean protection became a pressing need during the last decades. Conservational approaches usually rely on scientific results, which are nowadays incredibly important for the wellbeing of  the human society. However, only a small fragment of society is interested in scientific results or able to understand these results. For a full acceptance of society for conservation based on science, it is necessary to make this science understandable. One day as a researcher uses VR as a special tool to make marine conservation science accessible, understandable and fun for everybody.


Become a marine researcher and get a first-hand insight in marine conservation efforts!

During May to June 2019, we worked closely with DMAD and the Montenegro Dolphin Research, to produce a unique new VR experience and put you in the shoes of a marine researcher. Be part of the project and challenge yourself with scientific tasks, learn about an amazing research project and get engaged in marine conservation.


One day as a researcher is an interactive VR experience which educates and informs about the work that scientists undertake to add pieces to the big puzzle of understanding the marine ecosystem and contributing to its most efficient and effective protection. The scientific world often seems to be difficult to understand for non-scientists, but scientific results concern the world of everybody, and should hence be made understandable for everybody. One day as a researcher opens the doors to this scientific world and lets everybody explore it in his or her own pace.



One day as a researcher  in local schools in Montenegro

We are excited to hear that One day as a researcher is of good use for Montenegro Dolphin Research. Aylin Akkaya, founder and lead researcher, says: "We used it for training our volunteers and at the presentations at primary schools. It is a perfect way of showing a day of a researcher to the volunteers and school children. Due to the pandemic we couldn’t take children or other people to our land and boat surveys. By using the Virtual Reality we gave the volunteers and children a realistic experience of our duties during our land and boat surveys. They could even participate in the video by using the controller as a camera and taking pictures of dolphins during our boat survey."


Awareness for marine mammals at the boot conference 2020

Boats play their part in the harm of marine mammals. We are happy that One day as a researcher was showcased at the conference to draw attention to the responsibility of sailors for the safety of marine mammals. Read more...


Premiere at the MarMotto 2019

We are excited to announce that One day as a researcher premiered at the MarMotto conference 2019, where Cyan Planet hosted a virtual reality showcase and workshop! Read more...

Ocean Action.jpg

Seas at Risk invites Cyan Planet's immersive projects to Ocean Action conference!

The Ocean Action conference brings decision makers, marine conservationists and ocean lovers together. We are grateful to be invited with One day as a researcher for such a special event! Read more...

Diving into.jpg

Diving into marine minds conference in Brest

The annual "Diving into marine minds" conference had VR experiences in their program for the first time ever - brought by Cyan Planet. One day as a researcher was an integral part, showing a great approach of science communication to young researchers. Read more...


Our first interactive 360° video production is underway!

We are thrilled that our first interactive 360° video is going to be produced in Montenegro, in collaboration with Montenegro Dolphin Research and Marine Mammals Research Association

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