Become a Dolphin

Live the Ocean


Create a dolphin pod with your friends and explore the underwater realm together!

Enjoy virtual clones of marine animals behaving with a documentary precision.

Work together with marine organizations to focus the passion for the ocean on real-world conservation projects.


Sign up, learn to become a dolphin, and:

  • experience the ocean from the unique perspective of a dolphin

  • get a chance to experience it for free with your friends

  • get access to the updates, the team, and shape the development

  • join our global immersive conservation campaign!

Available as:

VR  Game for threaded & mobile headsets

360° Interactive Video

for mobile, tablet & desktop


We connect empathy with tangible ocean impacts thanks to our network!

Each copy sold allows us to deliver the experience to one youth without access to the ocean.

Buy One Give One

All profit is reinvested  to spark action for marine conservation.

Profit supports marine conservation

During the production, we create digital clones of marine life for scientific and educational use to preserve marine species for future generations.

Virtual species preservation

Prototype funded by

Leading charity partner

Global impact partners

...together with more than 200 ocean advocates and influencers