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How is the Water at Cannes XR Development Showcase!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

We are honoured that How is the Water was selected for the Cannes XR Development Showcase, labelling it as one of the best immersive media projects in development worldwide.

Honouring the “XR” component in its title, Cannes XR took place only virtually.

Of course, we were a bit sad that we couldn’t meet old friends from La Biennale again, but the venue compensated for this circumstance.

The development showcase took place in the Museum of Other Realities, a breath taking virtual space full of art pieces of great quality and depth. This digital art is just developing, and it was fantastic to see all the creativity and the new dimensions that the artists explored in their work.

Next to very explorative and often serious artwork, Cannes XR still managed to add fun assets, like the drinks that made your avatar shrink or grow, or the party island, located in miniature at the wall, but accessible for all avatars thanks to their ability to walk on walls and change sizes. A whole new world opened with this mind blowing virtual museum experience, a world that just started to be explored. It gave us a first insight into what could be possible in the near future in terms of virtual spaces.

Apart from the spectacular venue, the selection of projects (finished and in development) was fantastic and horizon-widening, and thanks to the interactive features of the avatars in the Museum of other Realities, we talked with many creatives and made great connections with people from the XR industry.

Our founders Michal and Ninja presented How is the Water in one of the pitch sessions of the development showcase, alongside with other really interesting and special projects: Once Upon a Sea, Rhythm of the Universe - Ionia, and Gondwana. All these projects are connected in their endeavour to turn people’s awareness to environmental issues.

The fact that we all tackled environmental aspects in our pitching session empowers us! Seeing that many high achieving artists use their talent to stand up for environmental protection, and even more that projects with this focus filled their own pitching session during one of the biggest film festivals worldwide, gives us hope that nature conservation has its place and importance in our society.



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