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Stereopsia - World Immersion Forum 2020 by XR4ALL

The virtual edition of Stereopsia 2020 was a great success and we are honoured that our founders Michal Lovecky and Ninja Mueller were invited as speakers for the panel "XR for a Sustainable Future".

Stereopsia - Europe World Immersion Forum 2020

This year’s Stereopsia on 15th and 16th of December was a virtual conference in the Agora, a virtual space created just for this vibrant event.

Tackling XR from a scientific, industrial, and cultural perspective, Stereopsia offered once again an incredible diversity in talks, presentations, boots and VR content. It is always great to meet old friends from all over the world and we are thankful that the Stereopsia team made this not an agglomeration of zoom calls, but indeed a place to meet up, mingle and explore!

The Stereopsia is now in it’s 12th edition, and hosts the XR4ALL Annual event. XR4ALL is an initiative by the European Commission to strengthen the European XR industry and was part of the Horizon 2020 program. By now, over 1000 members from more than 50 countries joined the community, and this variety was clearly visible during the Stereopsia.

From virtual twins over cultural heritage to an ethical framework for XR, many interesting topics were covered

We were excited that our founders Michal Lovecky and Ninja Mueller were invited as speakers in the panel XR for a Sustainable Future, curated by Géraldine Fauville, to talk about XR as a tool for marine conservation. They touched on different approaches on how to use XR for science communication, outreach for marine conservation projects, and evoking empathy and understanding for life in the ocean and the efforts marine conservation organisations undertake.

Beyond this, they also briefly introduced Cyan Planet’s Cyantifics, our first own research projects, aiming to reach a better understanding how XR might improve and support field research for marine conservation projects and local NGOs.

In the panel was also Hanne Rasmussen from Økolariet, introducing the innovative technologies they use to exhibit environmental topics. It is great to see that the efforts to support environmental protection are spreading throughout the XR society.

XR for a Sustainable Future

Harnessing this momentum, the panel at the Stereopsia was also the kick-off of the XR4ALL workgroup “XR for a sustainable future”, which Cyan Planet is a proud member of. We are looking forward to the new year 2021, when the workgroup will become active and raise a strong voice to stand up for our responsibility to shape a socially, ecologically and economically viable XR industry!



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