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Cyan Planet at the VRDays Europe 2020

Thanks to our selection for the XR4ALL Stars September, we were invited to present our work at the XR4ALL booth in the Laval Virtual World during the VRDays Europe.

The VRDays are Europe’s biggest Virtual and Augmented Reality Festival in Amsterdam. Like so many other festivals, it was a mainly virtual event. Yet, with the Laval Virtual World, the space created for this event, it became a place where realities met.

Countless highly qualified experts of VR and AR presented their work, shared their expertise and connected. Industry, health care and entertainment had strong representatives, giving a great insight into all the fascinating projects they are working on, and asking the questions about XR tomorrow.

XR4ALL had the biggest booth of the Laval Virtual World Exhibition reserved to give space to their XR4ALL stars and projects selected for the XR Booster. Our founders Michal Lovecky and Ninja Mueller were happy to be there, presenting Cyan Planet’s work and connecting with many interesting artists from the VR scene.

We are slowly getting used to being present only as avatars to all the events this year, and are very grateful that we are still able to meet people thanks to the advantages of new technologies. It is amazing to mingle with people from all around the world, talk to each other in real time and walk together from one (virtual) room to another.

In times of social distancing being our steady companion, new technologies and digitalization were incredibly helpful to meet, connect, and stay social. Nevertheless, we are aware that these new technologies are a luxury not everybody has access to, and events like the VRDays show us once more how important it is to create this access for everybody!


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