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Our Headquarters

Cyan Planet UG

München, Germany

Cyan Planet Foundation

Delaware, USA

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team of game developers and marine scientists that are united by one common passion - the ocean.


We want to play our part towards the development of a global society that is based on sustainability and takes both - human and environmental needs equally into account.

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What we do

We produce immersive media for education, marine conservation and science communication. 


Immersive media is the perfect tool for education. It draws people in and can engage emotions directly in a way few other mediums can, allowing educators to create new narratives.
Cyan Planet aims to elicit empathy for marine life with audiences by creating direct emotional connections, no matter their age or background. We are working with universities, museums and schools in a range of countries to stimulate outreach and education by combining immersive technology with lectures, workshops, and training.

We all share the ocean, and our goal is to help share that connection so we can all share in its protection.


Marine Conservation

The deepest ambition of Cyan Planet is to positively impact the health of the ocean.  Our passion for conservation as biologists, developers, writers and artists was born from our collective experiences and from a vital connection to the ocean.  Yet, we also know that not everyone can share those experiences, and for many, the ocean is only a distant thought.
We want to bring the ocean to them.  Interest, behavior, and change are created through connection, which is why Cyan Planet creates experiences that show not only the beauty, but also the threats and destruction that happen beneath the waves.  Virtual reality can show us the ocean through the eyes of another, such as a researcher, a diver, or even a marine animal, and tapping into the empathy necessary for action.


Science Communication

The importance of science communication is on the rise, and even as general knowledge of scientific and environmental issues increases, scientists are still searching for effective ways to communicate their work.  To many outside of the scientific community, the underlying processes can seem dense and unclear, yet the results change how we perceive and protect our environment.  To evoke understanding of the science that underpins environmental conservation, that science needs to be communicated in an engaging way.
Immersive medias like virtual reality provide experiences, emotional engagement, and powerful new tools to communicate. 
 We create experiences that highlight the issues of conservation as well as educating scientists on how to effectively use this new medium to bring their projects to the public.


With Cyan planet, you EXPERIENCE the life in the ocean, its beauty and its destruction, and which efforts and scientific approaches for marine protection are taken.

We strive for you to UNDERSTAND the global importance of a healthy ocean for each and every one of us. Protecting the oceans doesn’t mean to conserve just marine species, but ultimately protecting humankind.

So, we have to ACT for improving the conditions of our oceans and stand up for its inhabitants. Since many of our small daily decisions can have an immense impact on the marine environment, we aim to create a community of people making conscious choices for better conditions in marine ecosystems and supporting innovation for ocean protection.