Our Focus


Marine Conservation

Science Communication


Immersive media applications

and tools for ocean outreach

and communication

Cyan Planet specializes in marine-oriented immersive media applications and tools for education, marine conservation, and

science communication. Whether it's a simple 360° video, virtual reality training applications or

multi-platform XR games, our interdisciplinary team has the technical expertise and creativity to create engaging projects with impact.





Immersive media workshops

Whether you’re new to XR and are eager to learn the fundamentals or if you already have some experience and need guidance developing your vision for an immersive media project, Cyan Planet’s workshops can help you on your journey into the emerging field of immersive media. We offer three packages which can be tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. Contact us for more information and to check availability. 

XR in Science Communication

Package 1

Package 1

Technical Development

Package 2

Immersive Education

Package 3


Virtual Conferences

Cyan Planet is here to help your organization as it transitions conferences and meetings into virtual spaces. We provide an easily accessible platform that promotes meaningful human connections, where people can interact, collaborate, and network all without the difficulties of needing to share a physical space. Our unique virtual conference spaces allow users to comfortably switch between meeting calls and lobbies where they can interact with others using animated avatars, or simply wander and enjoy features like our virtual marine observation decks.

Events and Presentations

Interactive Collaboration

Recreation and Networking