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Our Focus

Cyan Planet aims to elicit empathy for marine life with audiences by creating direct emotional connections, no matter their age or background. We work with universities, museums and schools across Europe to stimulate outreach and education by combining immersive technology with lectures, workshops, and training.



Cyan Planet’s mission is to positively impact the health of our oceans.  Our passion for conservation as biologists, developers, writers and artists is born from our collective experiences and a vital connection to the ocean.  Yet, we also know that not everyone has had the opportunity to create that connection

We want to bring the ocean to them.

Marine Conservation


Even the best science depends on effective communication in order to be effective. Cyan Planet partners with scientific and conservation organizations to find novel ways of boosting their engagement with the audiences they want to reach most. 

Immersive medias like virtual reality provide experiences, emotional connection, and powerful new tools to communicate.

Science Communication

Immersve media

Immersive media applications

and tools for ocean outreach

and communication

Cyan Planet specializes in marine-oriented immersive media applications and tools for education, marine conservation, and

science communication. Whether it's a simple 360° video, virtual reality training applications or

multi-platform XR games, our interdisciplinary team has the technical expertise and creativity to create engaging projects with impact.


Our immersive media experiences and games connect with audiences on an emotional level, intertwining entertainment with a focus  on marine conservation and social impact  


We work with marine institutions to produce bespoke immersive media experiences designed to enhance the quality and capacity of their training programs for volunteers and researchers


We help organizations working in marine science or conservation increase their communication impact and capacity for outreach using immersive media  



Immersive media workshops

Whether you’re new to XR and are eager to learn the fundamentals or if you already have some experience and need guidance developing your vision for an immersive media project, Cyan Planet’s workshops can help you on your journey into the emerging field of immersive media. We offer three packages which can be tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. Contact us for more information and to check availability. 


Explore the potential of XR as a toolkit for science communication

XR in Science Communication

Package 1

Package 1

Learn how to turn your vision into a fully-realized immersive media project

Technical Development

Package 2

Explore how immersive media can be used as an educational tool with your classroom

Immersive Education

Package 3

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Conferences

Cyan Planet is here to help your organization as it transitions conferences and meetings into virtual spaces. We provide an easily accessible platform that promotes meaningful human connections, where people can interact, collaborate, and network all without the difficulties of needing to share a physical space. Our unique virtual conference spaces allow users to comfortably switch between meeting calls and lobbies where they can interact with others using animated avatars, or simply wander and enjoy features like our virtual marine observation decks.


Virtual spaces with dedicated rooms for multiple events, such as keynote speakers or simultaneous seminars

Events and Presentations

"Whiteboard" rooms for group work, workshops and meetings, equipped for interactive collaboration with digital tools

Interactive Collaboration

Blue Spaces for mental well being while working in virtual reality, including coffee break rooms in marine environments

Recreation and Networking

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