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Package 1:

XR in Science Communication

If you are excited by the possibilities of XR but are not sure where to start or if you are looking for an effective new way to engage your audiences, this workshop is designed to grow your community’s or organization’s incredible outreach potential through immersive media.​

We take you through the fundamentals of XR including:

  • What is XR? Breaking down the different mediums

  • How can XR be used for science communication, conservation, outreach, and education?

  • Get the chance to experience XR for yourself

  • How can XR be used to enhance your organization’s outreach and communication capacities?

  • A guided design session to develop possible XR projects tailored to your organization’s goals



Duration: 2-4 hours to full-day

Attendees: maximum of 25

Prerequisites: No previous XR experience required

W Package 2

Package 2:

Technical Development

If you already have an idea for an immersive media project or if you’ve completed our “XR in Science Communication” workshop and are looking for guidance, this workshop will expose you to the tools needed to take an idea and turn it into a well crafted VR-experience. 

We take you through the steps of XR project development including:

  • Concept Design

  • Designing a narrative structure

  • Choosing your medium: Is your story best told through 360° video, a fully animated experience, or a combination of interactive mediums?​

  • Production planning including budget, timelines and distribution

  • An introduction to the technical resources needed to make an XR project a reality

  • Hands-on experience: Create your own 360° footage and learn how to use a 360° camera.



Duration: Full day to a multi-day 

Attendees: maximum of 10

Prerequisites: A project idea or concept, no previous XR experience required

W PAckage 3

Package 3:

Immersive Education

Are you curious about immersive media and would like to inspire creativity in your students?

We are happy to come to your school or university and engage with your students into any of the activities below.

We give you an insight on XR as educative tool, including:

  • Get the chance for your students  to experience XR

  • What is XR and how to use it in Ocean literacy

  • Why is marine conservation important?

  • Stories of our team members: inspirations how to have an impact on today’s society

  • Connection of Virtual Reality to your subject’s topics (optional)

  • Group works: Where can you imagine VR in your education (optional)

  • In depth-topics for discussion: how to pursue a career in immersive media/Why use VR for marine conservation (optional)

  • Hands-on experiences: how to use a 360° camera - create your own short experience/create short concepts of VR projects that you think the world should experience (optional)



Duration: 2-4 hours 

Attendees: maximum of 25

Prerequisites: Open to new and creative ways of thinking

What our participants say...

"What a passionate group, who are truly dedicated to promoting awareness and education of a wide range of marine topics! [...] The teams' enthusiasm, and guidance, make these workshops accessible and entertaining for all. We are already looking forward to having them back soon!"

- Prof Katie O’Dwyer, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

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Contact us to book or send a request


Q: How much do the workshops cost?

A: The cost can vary depending on the workshop, number of people and length, contact us for more details at!

Q: What languages are Cyan Planet workshops available in?

A: Cyan Planet workshops are currently available in either English or German.

Q: Are Cyan Planet workshops available in my country?

A: Cyan Planet is based primarily out of Germany, however we conduct workshops throughout Central Europe. Contact us for details and availability.

Q: Are there any requisites to participate? 

A: Passion and interest will do! No level with XR or marine science knowledge is required to get involved with one of our Workshops. 

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