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Collaboration with DMAD Marine Mammals Research Association

Become a marine researcher and get a first-hand insight in marine conservation efforts!

During May to June, we will be working closely with DMAD and the Montenegro Dolphin Research, to produce a unique new VR experience and put you in the shoes of a marine researcher. Be part of the project and challenge yourself with scientific tasks, learn about an amazing research project and get engaged in marine conservation.

The Montenegro Dolphin Research has been forming its annual survey effort in the coastal waters of Montenegro to collect a baseline knowledge on distribution patterns and encounter rates of the bottlenose and striped dolphins. The research targets a further effort on the photo identification study in order to define the residency patterns in Montenegro. Moreover, Montenegro Dolphin Research outstands with its community development through an active involvement of a wide range of stakeholders from fishermen to the early career researchers and volunteers.

Together, we take it one step further and make it possible for people from all over the world to engage and get to know the project. “One day as a researcher” is an interactive VR experience which educates and informs about the work that scientists undertake to add pieces to the big puzzle of understanding the marine ecosystem and contributing to its most efficient and effective protection. The scientific world often seems to be difficult to understand for non-scientists, but scientific results concern the world of everybody, and should hence be made understandable for everybody.

“One day as a researcher” opens the doors to this scientific world and lets everybody explore it in his or her own pace.


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