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First underwater experience with RICOH

Finally we had our first try of 360 underwater camera! We visited friends in Greece and went for a few days to Kalamata bay for sailing and diving. The visibility underwater was absolutely amazing for us, more than 20 m, which is more than any of us ever experienced so far. It is quite interesting to discover all differences handling 360 underwater camera compared to a standard above-water use.

It is clear that Theta V is not a professional camera. We like it because it is so easy to create 360° pictures with it everywhere we go. It was a sure thing to take this camera underwater as we discovered the TW-1 underwater housing for it. After the first test we must admit that all works quite well if you don’t expect more than this camera can deliver. Among consumer level cameras this housing does an amazing job. Use of the housing and quality of the footage is limited only by Theta itself and nadir part where you can see a lot of the housing. The housing is nothing cheap in comparison to price of the camera itself but in our opinion totally worth it.

Collecting trash in Kalamata Bay

Apart from filming and enjoying the beautiful wildlife, we also went for a lot of snorkeling trips and collected trash from the seafloor. “Highlight” of our trash collection is a huge umbrella. Looks like somebody didn’t take it in early enough before flood came and it was dragged out into the deeper waters. Well, if somebody is searching for an umbrella - there should be one in Kitries close to Kalamata at your disposal now ;-)


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