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Lanzarote and its incredible life under water

While working on our Script for How is the water, we couldn’t resist to also explore the amazing underwater world of Lanzarote. Every now and then, everybody needs a break, right? And again we realised, how relaxing and calming the water is in a time full of stress and work.

As soon as you are beneath the surface, everything slows down and you enter a different world. You hear only your own breath (and maybe feel a bit like Darth Vader), feel only the weak currents that move you in one direction or another, and see only fantastic organisms and strange environments.

Of course, we took our 360 cameras for one or two dives, but sometimes it is best, just to be without your phone, or your notebook, without any technology or your thoughts about work, and to fully dive into this strange, silent and slow world. Personally, I cannot think of any better “treatment” to calm down again and clear my mind from any stress and frustration.

This is a value that cannot be monetised, but a service that is provided for free from the ocean. We should be thankful for it and do our best, to keep it as beautiful as it is.

Diving is probably the best way how to connect with the ocean, and since a lot of people do not have the possibility to experience what we experienced on Lanzarote, we tried to capture at least a few moments - with a quite interesting animal encounter.

Dive with us at Playa Flamingo!


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