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Congratulations to our masters of science!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Quite a number of the young marine scientists from Cyan Planet finished their masters and can now proudly call themselves marine biologists! We want to congratulate them on their fantastic work and the passion they carried throughout the whole masters program.

The range of topics they covered in their final theses was incredible, from small mussels and sponges, over sharks and whales all the way to coastal communities, from the deep sea to shallow water reefs, from the northern hemisphere to the southern. Just as (well, actually still not quite) diverse as our ocean!

We are thrilled that this is not only the start into their young researcher careers, but also that some of them are planning to pursue their scientific career in collaboration with Cyan Planet, pioneering in the field of using 360° video and VR as a tool for marine conservation.

Cyan Planet was happy to support the data collection for the thesis of one of our members, comparing underwater 360° video monitoring with diver-based visual census, following the Reef Check protocol in the Red Sea near Dahab, Egypt.

We are thankful and excited for the commitment of our new marine researchers for Cyan Planet throughout their studies. Regardless of their future projects being connected with Cyan Planet or not, we wish them all the best and great success in their never ending passion to help protect the ocean!


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