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Diary of three Cyan Planet core-team members

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Biennale College Cinema VR 2019: Cyan Planet was born. Since then we have been introducing our team to you - except for three essential ones, members of the “first hour”.

Luckily, they kept their own diary of the last year, with vivid memories about all the travels they attended. Let them give us an insight into their journey with Cyan Planet. Welcome to the diaries of our Peli Cases (Peli Senior and Peli Junior) and our duffle bag (Duffy)

Peli Senior

February 2019, Ancona (Italy):

Dear Diary,

This is so exciting! Duffy and I moved to our new Italian apartment in Ancona with Michal and Ninja. I carried Cyan Planet’s 360 video equipment and the headsets all the way from Prague in Czech Republic. I am looking forward to many VR nights! I love my little family <3

April 2019, Ancona (Italy):

Update! Looks like my headsets had a big part in convincing people to join the Cyan Planet team - we are now quite a big family of 15 people.


May 2019, Montenegro:

Finally, Peli and I are together again! Ninja and I spent the last month on a boat survey in Turkey. We monitored marine mammals.

Now our crew is finally united in Montenegro. We spend a lot of time on the beach but Michal never allows Peli to sit on the sand. Really cool though were the multiple boat rides. We saw so many beautiful dolphins. Ninja and Michal even monitored them and produced “One day as a researcher”.

Today we overheard Ninja and Michal talking about the upcoming trip. Wherever we will go we will have fun.

Peli Senior

June 2019, Munich (Germany):

The support team has grown – Duffy and I are now joined by Peli Junior. While I keep carrying the video equipment Peli Junior started taking care of the growing number of headsets.

And what a ride he was in for:

We started with a flight to Faro, Portugal, to attend the MarMotto Festival. I was quite nervous. Of course, Peli Junior and I were perceived as oversized and had to go through a special check-in. Peli Junior had a hard time during the trip and came out with a big scratch :(

But I must say, the flying adventures were nothing compared to the Métro in Paris that we had to take all together to get to the “Dive into Marine Minds” conference in Brest (France). It was quite difficult to squeeze through the turnstiles with Duffy, the other small suitcase AND Michal and Ninja all at once. Luckily, on the way from Brest to Munich after the conference, our developer Akbar was there to help Ninja and Michal.

July 2019, somewhere on the Mediterranean:

After some days off work, we decided that Peli Junior is still too young to keep up with Duffy’s and my pace. The two of us headed to another production with Michal and Ninja in Turkey, while Peli Junior stayed in Munich with developers Marian and Akbar.

The travel to Turkey via Greece for a Sperm Whale documentary held new surprises: When we arrived at Rhodes (Greece) Ninja and Michal took us by foot through the inner city to the apartment, so we could see all the beautiful buildings.

This was followed by a wonderful ferry ride. Now we will be on this boat looking for whales for a whole week. Hopefully I won't have to stay under deck all the time.


August 2019, Venice (Italy):

While Peli Senior joined Junior, I didn’t get to rest and was dragged by Michal and Ninja all the way to Venice, to attend the Venice Gap Financing Market at the Biennale. I must say, it was a really special time, but I missed my Pelis...

Peli Junior

September 2019, Bremen (Germany):

My first trip without the old geezers! I went with Marian all the way from Munich to Bremen to the ICYMARES conference. It was great to see how much I could inspire the participants of our workshops with my headsets. I was the star of the event!

Peli Senior stayed in Munich, while Duffy is already on a trip to Ireland. How exciting to have so many events in so many places. I hope I can go to more conferences with Marian soon!

November 2019, Galway (Ireland):

Reunited with everybag in Ireland! I did two Workshops, one Seminar and one exhibition in four days! I feel very productive. Half of the team is now in Galway! It's great to be with friends!

December 2019:

We went back home to Munich. Travelling back through Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic ... I love road trips! One of my highlights of this trip: I visited the Stereopsia event in Brussels! The day of the conference it was raining, and I was dragged all around Brussels. But I kept all the precious things inside me dry and safe! I must say, I did a great job.

Peli Senior

January 2020, Dahab (Egypt):

All my organs were changed. I was stuffed with so many things from Michal and Ninja, I can’t believe one needs so much stuff for a two months trip to Egypt. We are working on another marine science project here. Duffy is with me. Peli Junior was left behind because he is really demanded lately. He went to the Boot Conference (Düsseldorf) and is now with Akbar on his way to the next event in Brussels, the Ocean Action conference. I am very proud of Peli Junior.

Peli Junior

March, Munich (Germany):

I went back to Munich and was finally reunited with Peli Senior and Duffy, and we all moved into Cyan Planet’s offices. Right now, we are not travelling to events. Everything is happening online.

We are excitedly looking forward to more trips in the future. Until then…



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