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A look back at 2020 - and a manifest to optimism :-)

How to write a review of this year without repeating what so many said before? We resolved to simply put down our feelings and take an honest look at this historic year.

2020 was probably the most challenging year in a long time for many people. A worldwide pandemic changed our habits, what used to be normal for us is now a nostalgic memory of the “times before”. Yet, where there are changes, there are chances!

When we started to think back about everything that happened in 2020, the first impulse was the feeling that it was a lost year - but listing all the amazing things the Cyan Planet Team experienced, all the great people we’ve met, all the partnerships, friendships we made, we realised that it was still a year full of positive developments.

We finished two immersive media projects, Amigo sa mga Iho and SpongeSpace, the latter even winning the first prize of the “dream your virtual spaces'' competition of the XR Hub Bavaria. Virtual spaces developed drastically over the course of this year, and we were lucky enough to visit some of the most formidable ones, for example during the Cannes XR Development Showcase, the VR days Europe or the Stereopsia.

We had the chance to mingle with people from all around the world - while still being in our sweatpants (seriously, one of the best features this year, wasn’t it?). And, most importantly, we got funding for the prototype development of How is the Water and are in the last moves of finishing it, thanks to FFF Bavaria! Indeed, maybe we have to remind ourselves from time to time of all the good things that happened, instead of quickly waving 2020 goodbye as a lost year.

For the ocean, 2020 was probably one of the most healing years, animals returned to places long abandoned, populations started to recover, ecosystems thrived. We were incredibly happy to follow these developments - sadly mainly from our desks at home, but the good news carried and kept our motivation up.

Nevertheless, so many seem desperate to leave 2020 for good, but we hope that you can take a moment to remind yourself about positive things that happened. Maybe you grew closer with your family, started a new project or found out that you are much stronger than you expected.

We do not want to neglect all the difficulties and losses that people were facing this year - we simply believe that focusing on what keeps you strong, happy, and motivates you is a much nicer way to start off into the new year!

For the Cyan Planet team, 2021 will start with many exciting developments that we will reveal step by step over the next few weeks and months. We also had our setbacks throughout the last year, but we feel even more motivated to start fresh and reach further! We worked hard on making our immersive media projects more accessible for everybody, and ensure at the same time a strong impact and support for marine conservation organisations.

We cannot wait for our preparations to be implemented in the upcoming year 2021, and are excited to keep sharing our love for the ocean with you, no matter where you are.

Stay safe and healthy, keep your strength and cherish your happy experiences!

Your Michal and Ninja

Managing Directors of Cyan Planet


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