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Our founders gave a talk at the Waterkant Festival 2020

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Due to Corona, the Waterkant Festival reacted with a session of live-streamings instead of talks on-spot. We are happy and thankful that we were approached to talk about virtual reality as a tool to evoke empathy for the ocean.

Waterkant is probably the first und freshest startup Festival in northern Germany. This unconventional event shakes up a rich mix of startups, companies, creators, intrapreneurs mentors, investors, and students. Every year, the Waterkant in Kiel creates a great event where people gather, network, learn and have fun.

Even in 2020, with Corona as a limiting factor, they still managed to create a colourful event, though not as big as usual. However, what did not happen in reality this year, they moved into the digital world, opening a wide range of interesting talks to an international audience.

An important focus of the Waterkant festival are technology and sustainability - and water. This was just the perfect fit for Cyan Planet, and we were happy to give a talk about our VR mission to evoke empathy for our ocean.

Check out our talk here.

In the same video, you can also find very interesting talks and panels about future technologies, collaborative work and VR Art.


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