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We are the XR4ALL Stars of September 2020!

XR4ALL is an international community moving the European XR tech industry forward. Every month, they choose an XR Star to inspire the community with their vision. We are honoured to be selected and excited to share the full interview.

XR4ALL is designed to forge a competitive, sustainable XR-tech ecosystem in Europe, with the following main objectives:

  • Create a pan-European (XR-tech) community.

  • Discover existing EU XR technology.

  • Develop a research agenda.

  • Award grants for innovative technology projects.

  • Increase investments & tech transfers to help products reach the market.

The XR industry is constantly growing and we are happy to be part of such a lively, familiarly community that is eager to explore, support and advance.

Read the full interview here or take a look at all the XR Stars that have been selected so far.


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