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Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Spending five days on Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, was an amazing experience! Not only because it motivated us to start Cyan planet, but especially because of its beautiful landscape.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil © Cyan planet

Since the island is a national park, nature is high priority and conservation efforts for 30 years resulted in clear turquoise water and a diverse wildlife. Fernando de Noronha consists of an Environmental Protection Area which was established in 1986, and a Marine National Park, or National Marine Reserve, established in 1988. Relaxing at the Baía do Sahcho or Praia dos Americanos was definitely a highlight on our tour through Brazil.

As you can see on the pictures, its a stunning place – we even watched some Lemon Sharks at Baía do Sahcho, thanks to the protection of the surrounding sea.

Even though the Island is only 18.4 km² large, the marine reserve covers almost 115 km², with only about 2/3 of the mainland included. The protected area reaches out to 50 m water depth, which results in a much bigger protected area than the size of the island. There are a lot of animals to spot, especially birds, like on our walk along Ponta das Caracas. A paradise for every bird watcher or marine wildlife lover.

So, as you can see, Fernando de Noronha was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001 for a good reason!


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