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Bringing the ocean to the people - VR as a tool for impact

At the Medientage München, we talked with Silke Schmidt about using new technologies to evoke empathy for strange environments and to spark action for marine conservation.

The Medientage München 2020 took place virtually, in a mesmerizing XR Sky Arena, exhibiting various projects in 2D and 3D.

Under the motto “This is immersive media NOW – The Shift from 2D to 3D Data Visualization” the XR AREA offered access to the world of Extended Reality (XR), offering a wide variety of XR projects from all fields.

In the category “STORYLIVING - Stories about Life, Love and Death” our founders Michal Lovecky and Ninja Mueller gave a talk about the challenges to evoke empathy for a strange environment such as the ocean, far away from most people’s daily lives. They stressed specifically the difficulties to communicate a negative topic in an optimistic way, such as anthropogenic threats for the marine ecosystem.

Another Highlight for us was that our SpongeSpace was one of the virtual spaces used by the festival.

SpongeSpace is a virtual blue space, not only suited for networking, workshops or presentations, but also taking into account the mental health of its users. In the current times, almost all events take place online, and it is essential to make sure that people’s wellbeing is considered and taken care of in this new working environment.

SpongeSpace is always open for everybody to use, to get inspired or to just enjoy the calm atmosphere of a coral reef from the insides of a marine sponge.

Contact us if you’d like to adjust SpongeSpace for your own events, we are happy to support you!


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